Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peer-to-Peer Advisory Services can get your Business back into Selling Shape

Business is getting more complex. The current economic turbulence has added an extra layer of challenge to already overstretched business owners. Owners have always had to be nimble, but now they must be able to pick up new ideas and run with them faster than ever before. Missteps are virtually inevitable. We all need to learn from our experiences and be more efficient, but, are you having trouble picking up on your mistakes and correcting them rapidly? Have you been able to fully capitalize on all the opportunities that have presented themselves? In this economy, failure to do so can be fatal.
This complex environment, one that requires more expertise than ever before, needs to be handled differently. There is a solution. It has been said, “we all learn from experience, but it does not have to be our own.” Peer-to-peer advisory helps you capitalize on the experience of others and has helped thousands of business owners overcome these problems listed above as well as many others.
What is peer-to-peer advisory? It is a collection of non-competing owners, CEO’s or partners who get together on a regular basis to discuss business. The best groups gather to focus on solving specific, real business issues or identifying opportunities in order to help each other succeed. These groups are typically professionally facilitated to ensure that the meetings are as productive as possible.
The value of peer to peer groups is that they can serve as your board of advisors in the form of an informal kitchen cabinet. And, they create an opportunity to spend some focused time working ‘on’ the business not just ‘in’ it. The group can help to overcome the isolation of being at the top, serve as a sounding board for new ideas, offer practical solutions to business problems from people who have lived them, and create the accountability you need to thrive.
Since these groups include other owners like you, they have no vested interest in any one idea. They commit time to your questions knowing so that you will do the same for them. The combined horsepower of a group of experienced business owners tackling problems is far superior to that of any one individual so solutions come more quickly and are more effective when implemented. Peer to peer advisory may be the best way for small- or medium-sized business owners, those with far fewer resources than their larger company competitors, to achieve balance in the marketplace as well as in their own lives and find success in our complex world.


PREETY said...


This makes a lot of sense. But how practical is it? Are there really some firms which are ready to come forward and share their insights with the others.

Domenic Rinaldi said...

Since these groups are made up of non-competing businesses the participants are typically very forthcoming. It is understood that the quality of the input recieved is driectly related to the quality of input given. Our experience with these types of groups is that the participants become lifelong friends and really become vested in each others success - personally and professionally.